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Shem Teerlink

Shem Teerlink


Shem is the boots on the ground. And by boots we mean that literally. If you need to find him he’ll be the guy in the cowboy hat and cowboy boots on the job site. With a tremendous ability to fix, build, and problem solve Shem ensures a smooth process with little downtime or errors. Shem grew up on a ranch in the Virgin Valley, and operated a ranch of his own until 2005 when he went to work for his Father-in-Law, Colin. Those many years of hands on farming have been the perfect Segway into the building industry.

Cheryl Teerlink

Cheryl Teerlink


Cheryl has followed in her mothers footsteps as a talented designer. Her passion is to create spaces that people love to be in. Her own home is proof of that, and she invests herself into helping others do the same. Her large family is her greatest joy, and building homes with families in mind is her passion. 
Justin Teerlink

Justin Teerlink


Justin Teerlink is a licensed real estate agent and the son of Shem & Cheryl Teerlink. Born & raised in the Virgin Valley he knows the area inside and out and can help find the perfect location to build your home. He handles the pricing process for each home, the creation of the contracts, the financial management throughout each build, and much of the behind the scene business operations.

Colin Nilsson


Colin is the founder of Meadowland Quality Homes and has been building homes in Mesquite since 2001. He brought his building experience from Canada with the idea that he would build quality homes in the harsh desert the same way he built quality homes to withstand the harsh cold. His greatest enjoyment is the creativity that comes with building a home and giving clients exactly what they want.

LaRee Nilsson


LaRee is the co-founder of Meadowland quality homes and has a special talent for design. From designing floor plans, to the exterior of a home, and certainly the interior LaRee is involved at every step and ensures the home has the right flow and feel. Together Cheryl and LaRee work hand in hand with every client to help them choose all the finishing elements to their new home. You’re in good hands that when the home is done you’ll love the final product. 

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